[netcdf-java] Easy way to get "best estimates" timeseries from 2D time axis?


If an FMRC dataset contains a 2D time axis, is there an easy way to retrieve 
the "best estimates" timeseries, i.e. the timeseries of the shortest forecast 
offsets?  (THREDDS calculates a best estimates timeseries, so I assume it can 
be done somehow...)

I ask because ncWMS is currently limited to 1D time axes, and so doesn't work 
properly with FMRC datasets.  Displaying the "best estimates" timeseries might 
be an acceptable compromise for the moment.

(FYI - If users are using the version of ncWMS built into THREDDS, they can see 
a different 4D dataset for each forecast offset.  Currently ncWMS won't handle 
the full 5D dataset.)


Dr Jon Blower
Technical Director, Reading e-Science Centre
Environmental Systems Science Centre
University of Reading, UK
Tel: +44 (0)118 378 5213

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