[netcdf-java] Accessing to BUFR message DataSection

Dear John,

I'm trying to create an IOSP for some radar images coded in BUFR format using the EUMETNET OPERA coder. I'm attaching an example file which is a "RLE" compressed image of 480x480 pixels (each pixel is a byte).

With the TableB, TableD and the corresponding line from the tablelook.csv files attached I'm able to decode the message, and It was possible to open the file using the ToolsUI's BUFR IOSP explorer and read the RLE encoded information.

One of the issues is that the ToolsUI's ncdump utility crash when I'm tryng to dump the corresponding data for the different Sequences in the Netcdf object generated by the existing BUFRIosp.

The other problem that I'm having is that I would like to create my own IOSP for this BUFR datasets and generated a more convenient Netcdf object which take into account the kind of data that is encoded.

To this aim I'm was looking into the current BUFRIosp implementation that comes with the netcdf-java library and I was able to access the information of the DataDescriptorSection, but after many debug and coding reading I was not able to discover how to access the data itself coded into the BUFR keys

Could you provide me some ideas about what is the best way to access the data encoded into the BUFR message?

Thank you and regards.


Antonio S. Cofiño
Grupo de Meteorología de Santander
Dep. de Matemática Aplicada y
        Ciencias de la Computación
Universidad de Cantabria
Escuela de Caminos
Avenida de los Castros, 44
39005 Santander, Spain
Tel: (+34) 942 20 1731
Fax: (+34) 942 20 1703

Attachment: localtabb_65535_5.csv
Description: MS-Excel spreadsheet

Attachment: localtabd_65535_5.csv
Description: MS-Excel spreadsheet

Attachment: tablelookup.csv
Description: MS-Excel spreadsheet

Attachment: SAN101202091201.bufr
Description: Binary data

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