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NCEP is a big place and some people do a better job of writing grib2 files
than others.  There is no grib police to enforce standards. Someone showed
me "Ordered Sequence of Data" once.   The first time it is relative to some
frequency. The second time it is relative to a different frequency and so one. What are the frequencies? I don't know. I may even be totally wrong; you have to consult the developers of the product.
John Caron wrote:
Hi Glenn:

Ive had a look at your files and Im cc'ing Bob Simons for the ERDDAP perspective and Wesley Ebisuzaki for wgrib POV.

The fields 10-0-87 10-0-8, and 10-0-9 in the file you sent me use level type 241, which is in the "local table" section of table 4.5. For Center 7 we use NCEP local tables, and 241 is called "Ordered Sequence of Data".

GRIB is a collection of 2D records; the CDM tries to put the data back into 3 (time), 4 (level) or 5 (ensemble) dimensional arrays. So all records that have the same parameter and level type are placed in one variable, with a level coordinate variable that distinguishes the records. From that POV, it looks like the code is doing the right thing.

wgrib2 is an NCEP library
Wgrib2, while written at NCEP, is more of an independent implementation. Using the "-g2clib 0" option turns
off any use of the NCEP libraries.

that apparently is doing something special with level type 241, apparently keeping each level in a seperate variable.
Nothing special was done by wgrib2. They are separate grib message/records with the same metadata. (At least according to my memory.) I don't think that this is allowed by the grib standard. To access the file, you have to look for the Nth
occurrence of XYZ.  Most grib software won't be able to support the file.


There's nothing in the GRIB spec (that I know of) that indicates that, so theres no way for the CDM to do the same thing without some special handling. Furthermore, theres nothing I can find in NCEP documentation that would indicate this kind of special handling. I guess that this is one of those "you just have to know" cases. Ive cc'ed Wesley in case he wants to comment on that.

I assume that ERDDAP can handle the "Ordered Sequence of Data" level coordinate, and you can see both records? If thats the case, Id be inclined to say that its a different, but equally valid way of presenting the GRIB data in netCDF.


On 6/17/2011 5:27 AM, Comiskey, Glenn wrote:
Have an issue with publishing GRIB v2 datasets via ERDDAP which my current understanding is due to a way NetCDF-Java reads GRIB v2 files. Had set-up a Tomcat v6.0.32/ERDDAP v1.28 server on Windows and run the GenerateDatasetsXml.bat to generate the XML for inclusion into datasets.xml. Specified option EDDGridFromNcFiles and pointed it to a forcast GRIB v2 file with records WIND, WDIR, UGRD, VGRD, HTSGW, PERPW, DIRPW, WVHGT, SWELL (1 in sequence), SWELL (2 in sequence), WVPER, SWPER (1 in sequence), SWPER (2 in sequence), WVDIR, SWDIR (1 in sequence), SWDIR (2 in sequence) for every 3 hours 0 - 180 from reference time. GenerateDatasetsXml.bat, which I understand uses NetCDF-Java to read the file, recognised the dimensions time, lat, lon and therefore reported data variables for WIND, WDIR, UGRD, VGRD, HTSGW, PERPW, DIRPW, WVHGT, WVPER, WVDIR without any problem, but only reported a single data variable for SWELL (1 in sequence), SWELL (2 in sequence) and similarly for SWPER and SWDIR (which when accessing the data via ERDDAP appeared to relate to the "2 in sequence" record), i.e. it was only possible to access GRIB v2 records SWELL (2 in sequence), SWPER (2 in sequence) and SWDIR (2 in sequence). However, having set-up a Tomcat v6.0.32/ERDDAP v1.32 server on Windows and run GenerateDatasetsXml.bat on the same GRIB v2 file and selected option EDDGridFromNcFiles it now appears to recognise dimensions time, ordered_sequence_of_data, lat, lon, and as a result only reports data variables SWELL, SWPER and SWDIR due to the fact that they are the only one that share the recognised dimesions - which is a requirement of ERDDAP. Given my understanding of how GRIB v2 files are constructed, and how that data is meant to be interpeted, I am expecting GenerateDatasetsXml.bat to generate XML entries for three dimensions (time, lat, lon) and data variables for all 16 records; with SWELL (1 in sequence) and SWELL (2 in sequence) being distinctly seperate data variables as with SWPER and SWDIR. This is to say that for any given location (lat, lon) and forcast time, or time period, then SWELL (1 in sequence) and SWELL (2 in sequence) etc. should be reported. Why is it that NetCDF-Java does not appear to be able to understand that a GRIB v2 file can have records that have common dimensions and distinctly seperate data variables that represent that same data type. Kind regards, Glenn Comiskey
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