[netcdf-java] NetCDF-Java, CF Grid Projections and Ellipsoid parameters


As a follow up to my posting of the NetCDF-Java/CF projection to 
GeoTools/GeoAPI converter utility posting.  As background we are doing 
geoprocessing of vector geometries obtained from Shapefiles or GML (often via 
WFS).  Given the large number of CRS that maybe used with these vector 
geometries (relative to what's available with CF) and the desire to perform the 
calculations in the CRS used with the vector geometries we generate a 
GeoTools/GeoAPI CRS instance so that we can transform the CF grids into the 
vector geometry CRS. 

An issue we have with NetCDF-Java is that not the NetCDF-Java Projection 
instance isn't passing through the ellipsoid parameters for Projection 
implementations that don't have transformation to ellipsoids implemented (even 
though the CF spec.  Ideally we could extract these from 
Projection.getProjectionParameters() so that we can generate a fully 
parameterized GeoAPI CoordinateReferenceSystem instance which will then use 
these parameters.  Given the abstraction of GridDatatype/GridCoordSystem is 
very difficult to extract these parameters from the original CF grid_mapping.  
Could we get these parameters (semi_major_axis, semi_minor_axis and 
inverse_flattening) in the Projection instance for all Projections if they are 
in the grid_mapping for the grid?

One thing i've been hoping to do is implement a ProjectionProviderFactory type 
architecture for NetCDF-Java that would allow the implementation of NetCDF-Java 
Projection instances using GeoTools or Geotk.  One could register a factory 
using a service registration mechanism then get back Projection implementations 
back by their API of choice.  This would remove the need for NetCDF-Java to 
re-implement projection transformations that are already implemented in 
GeoTools or Geotk.  The CRSUtility class I provided earlier could be the 
foundation/crosswalk for a GeoToolsProjectionProviderFactory.  One can easily 
generate transforms and their inverses once the CoordinateReferenceSystem 
instance is generated.  These transforms can the be wrapped in a NetCDF-Java 
Projection instance  This would also allow CF to incorporate new projections 
and minimize implementation time in NetCDF-Java.

Tom Kunicki
Center for Integrated Data Analytics
U.S. Geological Survey
8505 Research Way
Middleton, WI  53562

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