Re: [netcdf-java] ThreddsDataFactory on an FMRC

HI Kyle:

Im seeing the problem, its some bug in the opendap code, were checking into it.

Sorry about the nonexistant error messages.


On 4/6/2011 1:26 PM, Kyle Wilcox wrote:
Having some trouble getting a NetcdfDataset from a ThreddsDataFactory:

ThreddsDataFactory.Result tdf = new 
NetcdDataset ncd = (NetcdfDataset) tdf.featureDataset.getNetcdfFile();
tdf.fatalError is "true" in this case

Can also test in ToolsUI:

Plug ""; into the 
"THREDDS" tab of ToolsUI.  Click "Connect". Click on the "Best Time Series" dataset in the tree 
view.  At the bottom, click the "Open dataset" button.

I get a "Cant open dataset=" error message.  I also get the same message for this 
dataset: "";

The "Open File" and "Open CoordSys" buttons DO work.

This does work:
NetcdfDataset ncd = new 
ucar.nc2.dt.grid.GridDataset gds =;

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