Re: [netcdf-java] Problem with CFS GRIB2 files

On 3/13/2011 9:15 AM, "Antonio S. Cofiño" wrote:
Dear Igor and John,

This is the interpretation that I'm doing about the monthly average datasets from the CFS:

after reading the Operational CFS doc:

in my opinion is that the average is for the 201103 month, and precisely for the interval:
[2011-03-09, 2011-03-31]


Hi Antonio:

the file in question is

doesnt seem to fit either the forecast file example in

or climatology example:

the 06Z at the end might mean its the average of just the 06Z hours ?? however, my guess is that your's and Igor's understanding seems likely true.

this seems to be a file that doesnt describe its metadata in a way that a standard reader like mine can understand. So I can read the data, but not really understand it, and the application / user has to "fix" the incorrect part, here that would be the time bounds on the time coordinate.

I dont know if they cant use the PDS to correctly describe the interval they are averaging over, or if they have just made an encoding error. Perhaps I should send it to noaa and ask them.

anyone else's comments are welcome.


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