[netcdf-java] Getting forecast times from grib file


I am really new to the netcdf-java library.

I am really stuck on getting the forecast times from a grib file.
Anything else works great (getting the lat/lon coordinate points,
getting the values or subsetting the grid...).

I tried the following:

String filename = "current.grb";

FmrcImpl forecasts = new FmrcImpl(filename);
List<Date> forecastDates = forecasts.getForecastDates();
for(Date d : forecastDates){

But the above fails with a nullpointer exception on Object creation
(FmrcImpl forecasts = new FmrcImpl(filename);):
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at ucar.nc2.dt.fmrc.FmrcImpl$Gridset.<init>(FmrcImpl.java:264)
    at ucar.nc2.dt.fmrc.FmrcImpl.init(FmrcImpl.java:133)
    at ucar.nc2.dt.fmrc.FmrcImpl.<init>(FmrcImpl.java:85)
    at ucar.nc2.dt.fmrc.FmrcImpl.<init>(FmrcImpl.java:81)
    at Test.main(Test.java:62)

Please can anybody help me on this?

Best regards,


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