Re: [netcdf-java] Decoding NDFD Severe Weather product Problem


This is the first time ive seen anything in the GRIB2 local use section, so I havent dealt with this problem before. Below is a dump of the LUS bytes for the file you sent, one for each GRIB record. Format is PDS offset == LUS bytes.

I wanted to know if these vary by record, which as you can see, some are the same and some not. What is the "weather string table" anyway ?

Anyway, without specialized code like degrib its impossible to make more meaning of it, but Im thinking about how to allow access to the raw bytes through the CDM interface.

According to the NDFD website, they use the LSU as a lookup table. It maps an integer to a string. For one product, integer 1 maps to "AS.Y" and for another product, integer 1 maps to "SC.Y". The data stored in the data section is the integer data. Using the table in the LSU, you know what the 1's mean. The meaning changes based on what weather alerts are currently issued. I've seen some LSU only have 8 items in it and other with 20. "AS.Y" and "SC.Y" have their own meanings, which are outlined on the NDFD site - those don't change.

Jeff Brogden    CIMMS/OU

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