Re: [netcdf-java] Converting bad netCDF to CF-compliant

Hi Matt:

There is a helper class ucar.nc2.dt.grid.NetcdfCFWriter which will write Grids 
to netcdf-3/CF files. To create a Grid, the correct coordinate system must be 
found. This is done through a CoordSysBuilder class. Its not trivial, but there 
are examples in ucar.nc2.dataset.conv package. Some details are at:

Matt Foster wrote:
I have some badly formed netCDF that I'm trying to get to CF-compliant using netcdf-Java (2.2.22). The bad nc file has the data, lat and lon points and attributes for a Lambert Conformal projection, but it has no GeoX/GeoY points, and the dimensions aren't even set right. It's really a mess.

I've been working on using latLonToProj in the LambertConformal class to get the lats and lons into Ys and Xs, but that's about as far as I can get. At that point I start getting confused about CoordinateSystems and their relationship to NetcdfDatasets.

Can someone help this newbie get the rest of the way?


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