Re: [netcdf-java] netcdf-java archives not functioning

Sorry, my fault. I had an old link on the NJ home page. As you noticed, its now correct. Thanks for the heads up!

Nick Bower wrote:
Fyi all links on the java netdf homepage have been updated to point to new archive and search facility.

Nick Bower wrote:
Could someone *please* address the netcdf-java mail archive problems if they're not already working on it? To repeat my warning of some weeks ago, the archive is only logging mail that is sent by people working at Unidata, which of course often contains only a sub-quoted part of the original mail submitted to the list.

So, for example, the issue and testcase I reported yesterday will not be visible or navigable through the archives, which I object to having taken the time to code up the testcase in the usual spirit of free software.

Also, the link from the Netcdf Java homepage to the archive search is broken.

Regards, Nick

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