[netcdf-java] Progress of FileWriter.finalize()


I¹ve written an application which allows the user to browse a threadds
catalog, select a dataset, choose a temporal, spatial and variable subset
and then write the selected data to a local netcdf file.  The process works
quite well, however the only way I can show progress of the process is using
an indeterminate progress monitor.  After the user clicks ³process² - the
only thing that takes any significant time (> 10ms) is the
FileWriter.finalize() call which writes the in-memory nc file to disk.  Is
there any way to monitor this method and report the progress to the user?
Has anyone dealt with this before?  The only way I can think to do it is
estimate the size of the file based on the # of variables and their
datatype, the number of records, etc.  and then monitor the size of the nc
file as it¹s being written and display the ³% completion² to the user.  This
seems ³messy² and prone to miscalculations.

Any ideas??

Thank you in advance,


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