Re: [netcdf-java] OPeNDAP authentication using nj22

Hi Jon:

ucar.nc2.dataset.HttpClientManager is in 2.2.22 release. I beleive it was added 
at 2.2.19.

Jon Blower wrote:
Hi all,

I'm trying to read data from an authenticated OPeNDAP server.  I've
found the page,
which says that I should create a CredentialsProvider and register it
using ucar.nc2.dataset.HttpClientManager.init().  However, there is no
class called HttpClientManager in the ucar.nc2.dataset package, or
indeed anywhere in the nj22 distribution that I can see.

What is the best way to read data from authenticated OPeNDAP servers?
I am using nj22 version 2.2.16.

Thanks, Jon

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