Re: [netcdf-java] problem getting vertical transform coordinate array

Hi Sachin:

We dont handle unstructured grids (yet), and neither does CF. There is a 
pending proposal by Balaji, and many others are interested in getting an 
accepted spec for unstructured grids.

The CDM checker is misinterpreting this as a regular grid, but as youve seen, 
we cant actually display it. Both the CF checker and CDM checker often rely on 
hueristics and can be fooled.

Sorry, we just dont have a solution yet. If you want to help push a spec, I 
think there are others who want to also.


Sachin Bhate wrote:
Netcdf-Java Gurus..

I am trying to get vertical transform coordinate array from an unstructured
model output. It's a CF compliant data set and passes the CF checker
and displays the Grid dataset 'temp' via the CDM checker as well.

The sample file is at:

The difference here is that the variable 'temp' is dimensioned('time','depth','node'). instead of usual ('time','depth','y','x'). So, it ends in error when I try something
like shown below...

??? Java exception occurred:
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1

at ucar.unidata.geoloc.vertical.OceanSigma.getCoordinateArray(

 >>>>code begin

GridDataset =;

% get the grid associated with the variable name "temp" (temperature)
Grid = GridDataset.findGridByName('temp');

% get the coordinate system for this grid:
GridCoordSys = Grid.getCoordinateSystem();

%get coordinate axes
zj = GridCoordSys.getVerticalTransform.getCoordinateArray(iTime); % vertical transform

<<<<<< code end

It may be because the data array is still 3D (time,sigma, node), while the
'getCoordinateArray' method requires a 4D data (time,sigma, lat, lon) based
on the coordinate transform (time, sigma, lat, lon) ..right ?

So, is there a method in netcdf-java to get the coordinate array?

btw ..
I also tried to just view the grid in 'ToolUI' gui as well, but it can't display the grid.
although it shows all the grid info.

any help is appreciated. thanks..



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