[netcdf-java] looking for users of netcdf4/hdf5 files to test netcdf-java 4.0

We have a very preliminary version of netcdf-java 4.0 at:

http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf-java/ At the moment what we need is anyone who uses netcdf4 or hdf5 files who is willing to use the netcdf-java library to read and compare to truth (i.e the C libraries and other tools).
You can do this programatically, or just use the ToolsUI Viewer (version 4.0) 


(Just open the files in the Viewer tab. To dump data, select the variable and right click 
and select "NCdump data". If running from webstart, its a good idea to have the 
Java Console running so you can see any error messages.)

We are looking for problems with any valid netcdf4 / hdf5 file that exists, 
including hdf5 1.8+, npoess, hdf5-eos, etc (sorry, no hdf4 files!). Please let 
us know what problems you see, along with a test file.

Thanks for any testing help that you can provide!

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