[netcdf-java] Problem with Array.factory in Matlab


I'd already discuss around my problem with Steve LOCH. I've gone further in 
development with MatLab-NetCDF-Java and I have yet some problems :

I wish write a variable in a file by the instruction :
         ncfile.write(NameVar, JArray)
with JArray which could be created by a MatLab matrix (Mvalue) in double, 
int, ... of any dimension.

When I format the JArray with JArray = Array.factory(Mvalue), I have problem 
with data which has one of their dimensions equal to 1. Example :
MValue = Array of [866, 1] double.
JArray will be a Java Array of "ucar.ma2.Double$D1". Therefore, the writing 
function will failed.

Could I force the dimensions of the JArray at the creation ? Could I affect it 
by factory ? (factory function could be great but how use it correctly for 
initialition of the variable).

Thanks by advance for any help.


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