[netcdf-java] combining and writing geogrids

Greetings all,


I'm curious if anyone out there can help me with some questions I have
about GeoGrids.  Specifically I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can go
about the process of combining multiple GeoGrids into one "object" and
then write that object to a local .nc file.  Thus far, I've succeeded in
connecting to an opendap server, getting a single geogrid, subsampling
it and using the GeoGrid.writeFile() method to create a local file.
I've noticed that the javadoc for GeoGrid says not to use the writeFile
method - but I couldn't see another way of getting the data to disk.


So my first question is - what is the correct method for writing the
contents of a GeoGrid to a local file??  I've checked out
NetcdfFileWriteable, but that doesn't allow me to add a GeoGrid (at
least not directly).


My second question is - is there a way to combine multiple geogrids so
that their contents can be written to a single file.  For example - if
my opendap dataset has U, V, and Temp variables, I'd like them all to be
written to a single file.  My geogrid.writeFile method produces a
dataset for each at this point...


In relation to this second question - how would I combine geogrids from
2 separate opendap sources - assuming that they are identical aside from
the variable(s) of interest?



Thank you in advance for your help - it's most appreciated.





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