Re: [netcdf-java] NcML and "values" support clarification?

Hi Nick:

Im not sure what your use case is. Are you generating the data values yourself, 
or do they come out of a netcdf file?

NJ reads the values when present in the NcML. I assume this is about writing?

BTW, I will be on vacations until next week, You might want to look at in the meanwhile.


Nick Bower wrote:
I want to verify the api support for variable values in NcML.

Some background - we're looking at NcML as a potential cross-platform format to exchange realtime data via Java/.Net messaging. We already use NetCDF extensively in our organisation where we've conventionally collected long periods of data at a single place, but the idea is that we want to explore a more modern distributed realtime messaging architecture where data volume in any single message is low, but delivery frequency and schema variability from different sources is high. In this way NcML could be used to represent measurement datums, say one NcML message specifying a measurement timestamp from a remote logging station contain the measurements of several instruments. NcML also has the benefit of 1) facilitating downstream aggregation by message consumers directly to NetCDF, 2) GML extension. We're using Mule ESB (Java) to integrate this btw.

My question regards the support for variable "values". Support exists in the xsd, but appears totally lacking in both the java api and ncdump/ncgen utilities. Both the api javadoc and utilities man pages explicity say that any generated NcML will not include values.

Can someone please clarify what is the status of supporting variable values in NcML, and what is the roadmap for api inclusion?

Thanks, Nick


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