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Reposting as this never made it through the list for some reason.<br>
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<font face="Verdana">I want to verify the api support for variable
values in NcML.<br>
Some background - we're looking at NcML as a potential cross-platform
format to exchange realtime data via Java/.Net messaging.&nbsp; We already
use NetCDF extensively in our organisation where we've conventionally
collected long periods of data at a single place, but the idea is that
we want to explore </font><font face="Verdana">a more modern
distributed realtime messaging architecture where
data volume in any single message is low, but delivery frequency and
variability from different sources is high.&nbsp; In this way </font><font
 face="Verdana">NcML could be used to represent measurement datums, say
one NcML message specifying a measurement timestamp from a remote
logging station contain the measurements of several instruments.&nbsp; NcML
also has the benefit of 1) facilitating downstream aggregation by
message consumers directly to NetCDF, 2) GML extension.&nbsp; We're using
Mule ESB (Java) to integrate this btw.<br>
My question regards the support for variable "values".&nbsp; Support exists
in the xsd, but appears totally lacking in both the java api and
ncdump/ncgen utilities.&nbsp; Both the api javadoc and utilities man pages
explicity say that any generated NcML will not include values.<br>
Can someone please clarify what is the status of supporting variable
values in NcML, and what is the roadmap for api inclusion?<br>
Thanks, Nick<br>

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