Re: Calling NetCDF Java from Matlab


You can try the following to increase the size of the Java memory you have.
Set up a file with java.opts in the directory where you invoke Matlab with
in it (giving 200MB) and restart Matlab and rerun.

You can find out how much memory you have by typing:
>>  java.lang.Runtime.getRuntime.maxMemory


>>> "Roger GALLOU (AGO)" <roger.gallou@xxxxxx> 12/07/2007 15:10 >>>

I want to thank those who help me in my problem. I had difficulties to 
apply NetCDF examples
in Matlab routines, in particular in the creation of Array :
ArrayInt.Dx for example.

I use now Array.factory which construct arrays with the Shape of the 
data I pass.
I can "cast" the data with Matlab.

A new problem appeared with a data of 10585 X 7458 (float) : Java Heap 
Space (Out of Memory).
I hope I would find solutions with reduce, read by origin or by section.


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