[IDV #FOS-898337]: IDV - netcdf CF1.0 - vertical grid system

> Back from vacations and happy of being able to display surface data with IDV,
> now I'd like to ask you a couple of further suggestions:
> - May I put on the same chart (e.g. time series) model and observations?
> For example, a time series with T2 from WRF output together with temperature 
> observations from a netcdf point data file?

Right now you cannot show observation data in the probe display though it is 
something on
our todo list.

> - How can I display observed vertical profiles (e.g. wind & temp 
> radiosoundings).
> Should I follow the UnidataObsConvention  in order to write a netCDF file? 
> Which one?
> Many thanks in advance for your attention!

My colleague Don Murray would be best suited to answer this question but he is 
out of town right
now. When he gets back next week he will respond.


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Ticket ID: FOS-898337
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Critical
Status: Open

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