[IDV #YAU-304523]: IDV - Error when loading a netCDF bziped SST image from Thredds catalog using OpenDAP

Hi Oscar,

> I don't know what is "-1". It is the first time I've seen.
> We use the port 8180, and Tomcat is tunneled by Apache so you could try in:
> http://ers.cmima.csic.es/thredds or
> http://ers.cmima.csic.es:8180/thredds

I could not connect to the above URL with port 8180 (timed out) but got through 
to the one going through Apache just fine. I browsed all the way down to the 
dataset you had trouble with

> > http://ers.cmima.csic.es:-1/thredds/dodsC/ers/2007/06-Jun/08/20070608.0951.n17.nc.bz2

but without a port number and could access it through OPeNDAP.

Can you try it again and make sure there is no port number of "-1"? And let us 
know if it fails for you or if the "-1" pops back up.


Ticket Details
Ticket ID: YAU-304523
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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