Re: Time list bug

If I look at the data directory for that collection:

theres only one day of data in there. does that explain it?

also, gets transformed to http://yaw:8080/ 
somewhere (DNS?), which makes the catalogs useless off your subnet.

Rob Weingruber wrote:
Oops, sorry I didnt make that clear. The RUC agg dataset is having the problem,
and its URL is:

http://yaw:8080/thredds/dodsC/data/ruc20/fmrc/RUC20P_Aggregation_best.ncd <http://yaw:8080/thredds/dodsC/data/ruc20/fmrc/RUC20P_Aggregation_best.ncd.html>

Turbulence is a *different* dataset, that seems to work fine wrt times, and its URL is:

http://yaw:8080/thredds/dodsC/data/gtg/fmrc/GTG_Aggregation_best.ncd <http://yaw:8080/thredds/dodsC/data/gtg/fmrc/GTG_Aggregation_best.ncd.html>


John Caron wrote:
which dataset URL are you using? Are you using the exact same one for both turbulence and whatever grid failed?

Rob Weingruber wrote:
Hi John -

Not sure if this is related to the recheckEvery bug, but I found a new bug
(which may have already existed, just wasnt noticed).

For the RUC aggregate dataset only, it seems. The time list comes back
with times only for a single day. For example, here are the times returned
for the RUC dataset:

time = 06/11/07 00:00Z
time = 06/11/07 01:00Z
time = 06/11/07 02:00Z
time = 06/11/07 03:00Z
time = 06/11/07 04:00Z
time = 06/11/07 05:00Z
time = 06/11/07 06:00Z
time = 06/11/07 07:00Z
time = 06/11/07 08:00Z
time = 06/11/07 09:00Z
time = 06/11/07 10:00Z
time = 06/11/07 11:00Z
time = 06/11/07 12:00Z
time = 06/11/07 13:00Z
time = 06/11/07 14:00Z
time = 06/11/07 15:00Z
time = 06/11/07 16:00Z
time = 06/11/07 17:00Z
time = 06/11/07 18:00Z
time = 06/11/07 19:00Z
time = 06/11/07 20:00Z
time = 06/11/07 21:00Z
time = 06/11/07 22:00Z
time = 06/11/07 23:00Z
time = 06/12/07 00:00Z

even though there should be additional valid times for 6/12/07 01:00Z, 02:00Z, etc.

The code I am (effectively) using to retrieve times is as such:

GridDataset gridDataset = getDataSetURLString() );
GeoGrid geoGrid  = gridDataset.findGridByName( getGeoGridName() );
GridCoordSystem coordSys = geoGrid.getCoordinateSystem();
CoordinateAxis1DTime timeAxis = coordSys.getTimeAxis1D();
Date[] times = timeAxis.getTimeDates();

Maybe I am doing something wrong?  Although, I use the exact same code
for, say, turbulence, and it gives me a list of times spanning several days.

;-)  Thanks man ;-)

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