[THREDDS #KDR-409211]: projected bug fix for NetcdfServer

Hi Ken:

There are some brand new classes in that allow one to write a CF 
compliant Netcdf-3 file from any gridded dataset. This eliminates the need for 
the "inventory description" file.

The NetcdfServer is being replaced by a similar service called "NetcdfSubset" 
which uses those new classes.

See ucar.nc2.dt.grid.NetcdfCFWriter :

public class NetcdfCFWriter {

   * Write a CF compliant Netcdf-3 file from any gridded dataset.
   * @param location write to this location on disk
   * @param gds A gridded dataset
   * @param gridList the list of grid names to be written, must not be empty.
   * @param llbb optional lat/lon bounding box
   * @param range optional time range
   * @param addLatLon should 2D lat/lon variables be added, if its a projection 
coordainte system?
   * @param stride_xy not implemented yet
   * @param stride_z not implemented yet
   * @param stride_time not implemented yet
   * @throws IOException if write or read error
   * @throws InvalidRangeException if subset is illegal
  public void makeFile(String location, ucar.nc2.dt.GridDataset gds, 
List<String> gridList,
          LatLonRect llbb, DateRange range,
          boolean addLatLon,
          int stride_xy, int stride_z, int stride_time) throws IOException, 

We are working on similar classes for PointObs etc. Let me know if these are 

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Ticket ID: KDR-409211
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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