[netCDFJava #ECJ-813609]: questions regarding ncDump

Hi Bill,

> for your help on this question.  Fortunately the c version of
> ncdump does what I need.

Glad to hear it.

> The java works if and only if I run it from
> the directory where the jar files are, and if and only if my command
> line looks like
> java -cp netcdfUI-2.2.20.jar:nlog4j-1.2.25.jar ucar.nc2.NCdump
> I.e., it works if and only both jars are specified and colon delimited.
> It fails with the same error (a problem finding something that is
> obviously present in nlog4j-1.2.25.jar) under any other circumstances.

Hmm, that doesn't sound good. Do you have a CLASSPATH environment variable set? 
Actually, the "-cp" option should take precedence. Earlier I ran it fine from 
one directory above like this:

java -cp tmp/netcdfUI-2.2.20.jar:tmp/nlog4j-1.2.25.jar ucar.nc2.NCdump

You should be able to point to any jar in the classpath, absolute or relative 


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Ticket ID: ECJ-813609
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