[netCDFJava #ECJ-813609]: questions regarding ncDump

Hi Bill,

The options for ucar.nc2.NCdump are different than the options for the C ncdump 
(I'll leave it to John Caron to answer the why on this). Here's the NCdump 
usage message:

usage: NCdump <filename> [-cdl | -ncml] [-c | -vall] [-v varName1;varName2;..] 
[-v varName(0:1,:,12)]

Looks like 2.2.20 has a few more library dependencies. Here's the binary class 
jar files you need when using 2.2.20:


They are all included in netcdfAll-2.2.20.zip.


> I had been using the java version of ncDump as follows:
> java -cp ~/bin/netcdfAll-2.2.16/netcdfUI-2.2.16.jar ucar.nc2.NCdump
> filename -h
> I get exactly the same result whether I use the -h or the -c argument at
> the end of the command line, which is somewhat annoying, because I
> obviously wanted to look at the coordinate values rather than the header
> information.  I.e., when I redirect the output from both -h and -c to
> files, and diff the two resulting files, there is no difference.
> I tried downloading version 2.2.20 to see if that would clear up the
> problem.  However, when I try running
> java -cp ~/bin/netcdfAll-2.2.20/netcdfUI-2.2.20.jar ucar.nc2.NCdump
> filename -h
> It always bombs as follows
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
> org/slf4j/LoggerFactory
> at ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile.<clinit>(NetcdfFile.java:80)
> at ucar.nc2.NCdump.print(NCdump.java:102)
> at ucar.nc2.NCdump.main(NCdump.java:944)
> Can you tell me what I am doing wrong; or what I should do next?
> Thanks, Bill Barrett  (Bill.Barrett@xxxxxxxx)

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