Re: Bug in DataSource

Ok, thanks for reminding me of the problem.

Im still not sure of the context, in the TDS, i just pass the 
HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse to you:

       ncfile = datasetSource.getNetcdfFile(req, res);

So presumably there's something in the resulting file that is a problem when 
being served by the TDS through OPeNDAP(??)

If so, can you try to capture that DDS and DAS and send them, or perhaps give 
me a hole in you firewall, or ???

Roland Schweitzer wrote:
Hi John,

Sorry.  I'll use the support address in the future.

You'll recall that we were having this problem before when accessing my data files via the IOSP layer directly. James investigated here: This problem was fixed by you as noted in you 3.15 release notes:
* opendap look for encoded chars in the CE (eg %20)

I assume this is the same problem, except in the case where the URL gets treated via the DataSource plugin. Your code peals off the OPeNDAP constraint expression and does something with it and in this case what it does must be different than when the IOSP is called directly.


John Caron wrote:
Sorry, Roland, this one slipped through.

BTW, if you send email to

it goes into an issue tracker and is less likely (but still possible) to be ignored.

The main problem with answering these quickly is when I cant reproduce the problem. Then I have to think about it, and thats a limited resource :^(


** unknown netCDF error code: -31

seems to be coming from the netcdf C library ?? I dont understand how that could come from the java library.

Roland Schweitzer wrote:

I'm getting ready to go to Seattle next week and meet with Steve and the gang. I mentioned a while back that I think there is a bug in the DataSource implementation such that the OPeNDAP constraint expressions don't get property decoded as they do for a request that flows directly through to the IOSP. I'd like to be able to report at least that I've heard back from you on this topic even if it's to say you think I'm all wet and you doubt there is a bug.


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