help using NcML...


I'm trying to create a new NetCDF-3 file using NcML, and
it doesn't seem to work.  I've tried this using the toolsUI
GUI and manually as well.  The file gets created, but an
NCdump shows no variables or dimensions.  I tried opening
a valid NetCDF file in the GUI and use the NcML tab to
get it's xml reperesentation.  Then I use the "save to Netcdf"
option and got the same result.
I'm tring to create NetCDF-3 file from an HDF5 file that
the Java-NetCDF package can't interpret, and thought the
NcML would be handy.  Of course I can use the API

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

 <dimension name="channel" length="8000" />
 <dimension name="xtrack" length="60" />
 <dimension name="track" length="200" />

 <variable name="Radiances" shape="track,xtrack,channel" type="float" />
 <variable name="Latitude" shape="track,xtrack" type="float" />
 <variable name="Longitude" shape="track,xtrack" type="float" />
 <variable name="channel" shape="channel" type="float" />

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