Re: ToolsUI.jar - Grib and radar to netcdf

Hi Jefferey:

Better to use the ucar.nc2.FileWriter class. have a look at the javadoc for it. 
The main caveat is that is doesnt deal with Structures and other CDM objects 
not supported by the Netcdf-3 file format.

BTW, you should use the "esupport" mail address: 
support-netcdf-java@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for these kinds of questions.


Jeffrey Logan wrote:
Hi John,

ToolsUI.jar  creates netcdf file from Grib file with:

java -Xmx512m -classpath ./unidata ucar.nc2.iosp.grib.Grib2Netcdf ./nww3.all.grb ./

Can you please give example of creating netcdf from radar level II or III with ToolsUI.jar?

Thanks, Jeffrey

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