[netCdfJava #IYP-809445]: possible HDF5 reading problem...

Hi Tom, may be a bug, can you put file on ftp? jython script probably useful 

Tom Rink Posted on 20070426.0710 MDT

I have an HDF5 file, and I'm trying to read subsets of an
1440x60x8700 dataset.  The problem is strange, no
matter how I set the origin and shape, I even tried using
a List of Range objects, I get the same values back.  I've
compared the results to HDFView, and apparantly the
Java-Netcdf interface always returns data from the
beginnning of the dataset.  I've used HDFView to verify
that dataset is as it should be. 

Is this possible?  I could provide the data, and a simple
jython test script.


Ticket Details
Ticket ID: IYP-809445
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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