Re: Clipping a NetCDF File in 2.2

Hi Jonathon:

MultiArray is no longer used. Have a look at the tutorial and see if that helps 
you get started:


Johnathan Kool wrote:
There’s probably a simple solution to this, but it’s escaping me, so I thought I’d try posting. I’ve managed to successfully load in my NetCDF files using the NetCDF API 2.2, and am now trying to extract a subset of data from them – exactly what the MultiArrayProxy and ClipMap functions provide (see: , but I’m at a loss as to how to generate a MultiArray from the original NetCDF data. I’ve come across examples of how to generate MultiArrays from scratch, and I can extract Arrays from my data, but not MultiArrays. It also looks like MultiArrays are possibly an older feature(?), so there may be a better, more up-to-date way that I’m missing.

These are my variables:

[   float Longitude(Longitude=2294);

     :units = "degrees_east";

     :valid_range = 98.84f, 282.28f; // float

     :step = 0.8f; // float

     :standard_name = "longitude";

     :axis = "x";

,    float Latitude(Latitude=1362);

     :units = "degrees_north";

     :valid_range = -20.057325f, 65.86738f; // float

     :step = 0.8f; // float

     :standard_name = "latitude";

     :axis = "y";

,    int layer(layer=20);

     :units = "layer";

,    float uvel(layer=20, Latitude=1362, Longitude=2294);

     :_FillValue = 1.0E34f; // float

     :units = "ms-1";

     :standard_name = "eastward_sea_water_velocity";

     :long_name = "eastward_sea_water_velocity";

     :unit_long = "meter_per_second";

     :missing_value = 1.0E34f; // float

     :valid_range = -229.31992f, 80.65831f; // float


And I’m looking to subset uvel based on Latitude, Longitude and layer (e.g. if Lat ranges from 20-40, Lon from 0-10 and layer from 0-10, I’d like to extract the uvels for 25-35, 3-7 and 5-8 respectively). Any constructive advice, examples or links would definitely be appreciated.

Thank you!


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