[netCdfJava #JFV-235665]: NetcdfFileWriteable fill options

Hi Lindsay:

This bug should be fixed in the latest development release ( and the 
upcoming stable release (2.2.20). Any testing would be appreciated.

Thanks for reporting.


Lindsay.Pender@xxxxxxxx Posted on 20070228.2018 MST
When opening an existing netCDF file through NetcdfFileWriteable
openExisting(String location, boolean fill) the fill value never gets
set in the corresponding IOServiceProviderWriter since you go through
NetcdfFileWriteable(String location) and spiw.open(raf, this, null);
where the default fill option is false.  setFill() in
NetcdfFileWriteable doesn't do the trick since it doesn't talk to
IOServiceProviderWriter where the filling actually occurs.  Is this
intended or am I being silly?

Thanks in advance,

Dr Lindsay Pender
Marine Systems Engineer/Scientific Programmer
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
CSIRO Marine Labs
GPO Box 1538
Hobart, Tas.

Ph. +61 3 62325394
Fax +61 3 62325000 

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: JFV-235665
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: Critical
Status: Closed

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