[Support #YDJ-965223]: XML Schema for Common Data Model?

Hi Christopher:

Ive been trying to gather various pieces together to describe the CDM, but so 
far haven't had much time.

We consider XML an encoding rather than a data model, though they are obviously 
related, so we do "data modelling" in UML. The UML of CDM data access layer:


UML of CDM coordinate system layer:


As for XML, NcML is a reasonable schema for CDM data access layer. There have 
been some attempts to encode coordinate systems, and nothing yet for 
"scientific datatypes". The latter 2 we will try again this year, in 
conjunction with the British Atmospheric Data Center (BADC), trying to converge 
as much as possible with the ISO/OGC "feature model".

I'd like to follow your work on data modelling for HDF4, we expect to add it to 
the CDM eventually (when we can find someone to do so).

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Ticket ID: YDJ-965223
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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