[IDV #WRN-878637]: IDV - error opening netcdf file

Hi Thomas:

In order for the IDV, or other programs using the netCDF-Java library to 
display data correctly, it must be able to recognize the coordinate systems of 
the file.  The file must use a Conventions like CF or COARDS, that the library 
understands. This can be a subtle problem to diagnose, it can depend on global 
attributes, etc, although it can also be as simple as adding the Conventions 

You could try sending your file through here:


and see if the results are helpful.

Or look at it in the ToolsUI program (coordinate system Tab) and see what the 
INFO button tells you.


For background on Conventions:


Ticket Details
Ticket ID: WRN-878637
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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