Re: Displaying WRF output in IDV

Thanks John,

The sample file was very helpful, IDV is able to display it and to draw cross-sections and vertical profiles through it, so it gives me and idea of how my WRF file needs to be structured for IDV to be able to work with it,


John Caron wrote:
Hi Socorro:

AFAIU, standard WRF netcdf output is incomplete in some ways, and the WRF postprocessor adds the missing info and converts to GRIB. So until we can improve the netcdf output, it seems that the GRIB output may be preferred. Which BTW, the IDV should be able to read just fine.

Having said that, Im not positive that translating sigma-to-height is one if the missing pieces. A sample CF file using sigma coordinates that I think works in the IDV is

Socorro Medina wrote:

Hello All,

I'm new to IDV and I'm trying to display WRF output. The file that I have is in netcdf format. The vertical coordinates of the output are sigma-coordinates. I'm able to display plan-views OK, however I'm not able to make vertical cross-sections. I think that it may be because the file is not properly telling IDV how to go from sigma coordinates to height coordinates. I was wondering if anybody have had this problem before and/or if anybody has a sample netcdf file in sigma coordinates of which IDV is able to correctly display vertical cross-section in height coordinates.

Thank you,
Socorro Medina

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