Re: RandomAccessFile in 2.2.18

Hi Steve:

The older ucar.netcdf.RandomAccessFile is used by the visad package, which is why it appears in the ToolsUI jar. It is no longer supported, and is not part of the Netcdf-Java library. So you should definitely switch to
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Steve Loch wrote:

If you use toolsUI-2.2.18.jar you discover that there are two RandomAccessFile classes but only one in the Javadoc. It would seem (I haven't looked at the source code) that ucar.netcdf.RandomAccessFile might be very similar to which is in the Javadoc.
The former has been around a long time and I was wondering whether I should 
convert to using the one in the later package - pretty much mandatory given 
that there wouldn't be documentary support for the earlier version. I note it 
doesn't support a argument constructor. Neither has a setLength 
which is in which I would find handy. Also I note that 
netcdf-2.2.18.jar, unlike toolsUI, doesn't include the earlier version.

Can someone advise?

Steve Loch

PS Where's the best location to send comments on the (javadoc) documentation?

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