Re: quick question about map projections

Hi Tom:

We dont have that one, but it looks like an easy one to do if anyone there is 
so inclined (at least on the sphere). Even if not, I would be interested in 
knowing what they use it for, and if they use a sphere or ellipsoidal earth.

BTW, thanks for reminding me about
i will try to complete that document and keep it up to date....

Tom Whittaker wrote:
Hi John...

One of our collaborators would like us to create NetCDF files of
satellite data using
a "cylindrical equal area" projection.

I could not find any metadata in the CF conventions that would
directly support this, but I thought before I told them we would be
supplying lat/lon per point in the file (for complying with CF
conventions), I would check to see if you had built this in to the CDM.

The only reference I could find about what is supported is:

A simple "no, not supported" is really all I need...thanks!  (On the
other hand, if it is supported,
then I guess I'll need to know the specifics of the metadata.... ;-)



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