Re: nj22 in NetBeans

nj22 is not optimized for high performance, or really for writing, so i would 
be interested in what you can acheive.

make sure you put time as the unlimited dimension, make sure fill values are 
off, is the only advice i can think of. if i get a chance i will try a test 

Dejan Vucinic wrote:
Hi John,

I'm having trouble figuring out how to write "movie" files
using the nc22 library.  I'm capturing short clips at very
high frame rates, say 300x300 pixels of byte values at 100fps,
which comes out to some 8 MB/s to disk.  nc22 can write over
18 MB/s on this machine, but I'm missing the idioms for
repeatedly writing the same memory-mapped buffer to
successive locations inside the data file on disk.  Does
this functionality exist?


Dejan Vucinic

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