Re: Quick question, i hope...

Rob Weingruber wrote:

Hi ;-)

Dont forget that we oughtta get together ;-))

Here's the quick question...

What is returned from the Thredds Data Server (eg: when I geoGrid.subset(...))? If I were to NOT use a Netcdf API, how would I parse/interpret the data that is streamed back from any Thredds request? Is there a document/specification
that describes the data stream?  Ditto for the inbound request protocol.

The reason I ask is because we need to document our inbound protocols and
outbound data formats, so that 3rd party clients can request/read our data using their own code. And I am thinking that using Thredds out of the box is the best architectural solution (rather than growing our own in/out protocol or
dittoing existing ones).

;-)  You da man....

Hi Rob, im outta town for the week, not sure when we can meet for now...

geoGrid.subset(...) returns a GridDatatype object, useable only within Java. whats on the network wire depends on the data access protocol, eg. opendap or WCS.

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