Re: example THREDDS dataset

should be an id on the dataset in the catalog. but it has to be in the actual 
catalog, not a referenced (nested) one.



Jon Blower wrote:
Hi John,

Yes, I'd spotted that, don't worry (I do that all the time too!)  What
I meant was that I can't figure out what goes after the '#' in the
thredds string that is passed to openDataset().  I've tried using some
IDs from the catalog file but no luck.  Could you send me a complete
example string (from your "motherlode" thredds server) that I can pass
to openDataset() please?

Thanks, Jon

On 2/27/07, John Caron <caron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

sorry, i misled you. use openDataset() or openFile(). I make the same mistake all the time.

Jon Blower wrote:
> Thanks John,
> Could you give me an example of a "thredds:" string that I could pass
> to, i.e.
> "thredds:";
> With our local THREDDS server I can't figure out what to pass as the
> datasetID - everything I try comes up "not found".
> Cheers, Jon
> On 2/27/07, John Caron <caron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> is our "standard". If you
>> drill down into the NCEP models, you will come to opendap URLs that
>> you can give to
>> Jon Blower wrote:
>> > Hi John,
>> >
>> > Do you know of a public THREDDS server that I can connect to using
>> > I'm having problems with our local installation
>> > and I'd like to test against a "known good".
>> >
>> > Cheers, Jon
>> >

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