[IDV #GLU-909903]: aircraft observations

Hi Mark,

> >> I have one question regarding missing data.  When I plot up the
> >> flight-track (trajectory) data I have straight vertical lines (see
> >> attached image) going to the ground when it reaches a missing data point
> >> (the missing values are indicated as -99999).  I added the netCDF
> >> variable attribute valid_range and it did not change it.  I have added
> >> the netCDF variable attribute missing_value and it did not change it.
> >> Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get it so that it just
> >> doesn't plot missing values, removing the vertical lines?

It looks like you have a spurious value in galt at a number of points along the 
track. The odd value in galt is -30479.695 and the lat/lon values at these 
points are the missing value, -99999. (Though glat is actually the only 
variable with missing_value or valid_range attribute.) There are also some odd 
values in gspd and lalt at the same points.

You can either 1) change these values to match the _FillValue, or 2) add a 
valid_range for all these variables that does not include these odd values.

Hope that helps,


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Ticket ID: GLU-909903
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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