Re: netCDF and language to access?

Im not sure what you need to do, but the C library only reads netcdf files. If 
you want opendap access, thredds catalogs, etc, you need the Java version.

If none of that is needed, then choose the language you know the best.

If you dont know, then use Java, its a much better language.

Thiha Min wrote:
Hi John,

I am a graduate student from University of Texas at Austin working with Dr. David Maidment and Tim Whiteaker. I am going to write a web service for a data set called DAYMET which uses NetCDF. I am thinking what language to use for implementing the web service. I wonder how the current situation of NetCDF Java API is. According to the unidata website, it seems that C/C++ version of netCDF API is more updated than Java API which is mentioned as alpha version.


Thiha Min.


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