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Is there anyone using NetBeans who can give Dejan feedback, or is interested in further development of the NetBeans viewers?

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Subject:        nj22 in NetBeans
Date:   Sun, 04 Feb 2007 17:22:38 -0800
From:   Dejan Vucinic <dejan@xxxxxxxx>
Organization:   UCAR/Unidata
To:     John Caron <caron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
References: <45B59D52.3050001@xxxxxxxx> <45B6E14F.4030105@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <45B79B84.10308@xxxxxxxx> <45B955FC.406@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi John,

As we discussed, I wrapped the nj22 library into a NetBeans plugin,
feel free to use/include/announce.  The bundle can be downloaded from


and the javadoc is available at


If you find the time to test the functionality that would be great,
let me know if you run into trouble with installation of the plugins.
What would be even greater is if you, or another CDM afficionado who
is using the NetBeans Platform, would get interested in porting the
various viewers/editors of data to run within the NB Platform.  I'm
going in this direction myself but have to focus on the very narrow
set of functionality I need for the kinds of imaging I'm doing.
There's a vast body of swing components out there that could be
wrapped very quickly, I'm sure a little evangelism could go a long
way. :)

Thanks again for a very nicely thought out data model, it was a
pleasure building on it.


Dejan Vucinic

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