Re: announce: release netcdf-java stable version 2.2.18

oops, sorry:

We have pushed logging facilities down into even the core packages. This means that you need to add an SLF4J logging implementation to your classpath. The simplest/smallest is

which uses the default jdk1.4 logging. The other likely choice is one using 

which is widely used, especially at the enterprise level.
I apologize for not making this new dependency clear; it is now documented on 
the netcdf-java home page.


Jochen Deyke wrote:
John Caron wrote:

Hi Jochen :
Thanks for pointing out, it should be fixed now.

I now get this instead:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/slf4j/LoggerFactory

2.2.16 used to complain of missing libraries as well, but just worked anyways. Now, the error is all I get.

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