[IDV #BSD-546165]: Accessing non OpenDAP urls

Hi all,

> 1. All errors on my servers are redirected to a script that processes
> errors (I get emails for some of them), so errors will report back
> as 302 rather than 404.

This seems like a dangerous precedent as it gives the client no indication that 
their request has failed. Actually, the redirect with the 302 isn't the 
problem. It is the 200 response code for the resulting page that causes the 
client to think it has succeeded.

Have you thought about giving that final page a 404 response code rather than a 
200? That would provide clients with a a more accurate representation of what 
is happening on the server.

That accurate picture is what allows automated clients to function on the web.



Ticket Details
Ticket ID: BSD-546165
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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