Re: CDM grid example

Hi John:

oops- im just catching up with my email, sorry i was on travel. (FYI, 
support-netcdf-java@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will often get you faster service)

you should start with an actual netcdf file, ideally using a known convention like CF. Otherwise, the CoordSysBuilder can be used to add the info needed by Grid. Use the ToolsUI CoordSys or Grid tab to check if it works.
not sure i answered your question, let me know.

John Cartwright wrote:
Hi John,

do you have an example that you could send me or point me to for generating a CDM Grid Dataset from scratch? Or is the appropriate path to create a CF-compliant netCDF grid and use the CDM API to read that into a Grid Dataset? I was hoping to use the API in creating the netCDF grid to insure that it was valid for use w/ the Grid Dataset.


-- john

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