Re: Matlab, NetCDF-C and NetCDF Java?

Hi Rich:

So you previously were able to load nj22 library and use it directly in matlab, now you 
are wondering if we could use nj22 to emulate the netcdf matlab library? Is that 
"mexcdf"? what makes it machine dependent ? Which API does it implement (netcdf 
2, 3 or some variant?)

I think Russ' answer is correct, the only thing i would add is that minimal 
work has gone into the nj22 API for writing files, but we plan to take that up 
again in the context of netcdf-4 file writing. We may be able to add extentions 
then. You would still need some glue to translate the mexcdf API into nj22 
calls, where would that come from?

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