Re: IOSP development inquiry - GOES, SSMI, AVHRR

Ethan Davis wrote:
I also agree that we should start thinking about higher level, scientific data types (e.g., grid, image, swath). However, at the IOSP level the main issue is deciding how to map all the data and metadata into the netCDF data model, including the use of any standard conventions (

Anyway, nothing definitive on conventions but it is something to keep in mind as you work on these IOSPs.
Along those lines, I ran across the following in looking into this earlier in the year:
Does anyone know how widely this specification is used at KNMI?
It seems that if the netCDF4 will allow groups, then it seems that this specification should be considered. In this scheme, the map projection is a subgroup of the geographic group. In it, one could specify a few standard means for identifying the satellite grid (e.g., GEO/Kamel, GEO/Kepler, LEO/Kepler, LEO/LatLon, etc.) then the CoordSystem Builder could remap it. Using similar modules to GOESnav and GVARnav in VisAD?

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