Matlab, NetCDF-C and NetCDF Java?

NJ folk,

Matlab users currently interact with NetCDF files through a
machine-dependent  interface that must be compiled and linked with
Matlab and NetCDF C libraries.

We are wondering if we could recode this interface so that the
routines are just wrappers that call NetCDF Java instead.

The general syntax of the interface is:

     mexnc(funcstr,param1,param2,...), where there is a one-to-one
    correspondence between functions in the NetCDF 4.0 and 3.0 API and
    valid values for funcstr.


NetCDF C: nc_close(ncid)
MATLAB:   mexnc('close',ncid)

NetCDF C: int nc_inq_attname(int ncid, int varid, int attnum, char *name);
MATLAB: [attname, status] = mexnc ( 'inq_attname', ncid, varid, attid );

The question is whether *all* these Matlab functions (lookalike NetCDF
function calls) could actually call NetCDF java, or whether for some
functions there just is no equivalent in java.

For example, in NetCDF Java is it possible to reenter define mode?


Dr. Richard P. Signell   (508) 457-2229
USGS, 384 Woods Hole Rd.
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1598

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