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So Bloch says its a mistake to use finalize to manage system resources, but its a good idea to use it as a "safety net", which is what I guess you are advocating. It occurs to me that probably closes itself in the finalizer, just like FileInputStream. I wonder why linux behaves differently?
Bob Simons wrote:
I looked in the source code for the (as an example) to see if Java's file classes use the finalize() method. They do.

* Ensures that the <code>close</code> method of this file input stream is
     * called when there are no more references to it.
     * @exception  IOException  if an I/O error occurs.
     * @see
    protected void finalize() throws IOException {
    if (fd != null) {
        if (fd != {

So I don't yet know what Josh Bloch's book says specifically, but Sun uses the finalize method in the actual Java code.


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