Re: netcdf file

Add the following attribute to the Lambert_Conformal variable:
  Lambert_Conformal:units = "m";

So the system knows the units of the false easting/northing. It should figure 
it out from the x,y coordinates, but it doesnt right now.

Its also a hole in the CF standard that should be added.

Juerg Schmidli wrote:
Hi John

Please find attached an example netcdf file.

I think there are two issues:

(1) Horizontal Position:
Does IDV understand the grid_mapping variable, or do I need
to include 2-dimensional lat on lon variables as described in
the CF-conventions document?

With above, should work.

(2) Vertical Coordinate:
The physical height above MSL is given by the 3-dimensional
ZP variable. Is there a way to make IDV understand this?

because you have a valid zc coordinate variable, it uses that. How would you 
imagine the IDS using the ZP coordinate?

Thanks for your help,

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